MGM History

Our karting history dates back long before the creation of Mind Game Motorsports.  MGM owner Paul Rice began racing karts, winning races and championships at an young age in the 1980s with the support of his father, Paul Rice Sr. or "PeeWee," as he's known in karting circles.  While racking up club, regional and national wins - particularly on the WKA Gold Cup national circuit - Paul Jr. began working at Bandit Karts, fabricating, welding and assembling karts. 

Paul and PeeWee moved to Charlotte in 2000 and Paul spent a number of years working in the NASCAR industry as a car chief for several top teams. While building his resume in NASCAR, Paul continued his true love in kart racing.  He would stay active in kart racing and helping others tune their chassis and in 2009 would officially start Mind Game Motorsports.

MGM would begin gaining momentum as more karts were built for our sprint racers as well as oval-track and enduro road race. Race wins and top finishes began racking up at tracks and series around the country, both in Senior and Junior divisions.

MGM's breakout year came in 2014 when we won TWO WKA MANUFACTURERS CHAMPIONSHIPS as the top chassis winner in the Gold Cup Series and the National Road Race Series. MGM remains one of the only chassis companies to ever win two WKA Manufacturers championships in one year!

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