2018 MGM Espionage comes complete with:

  • Van-K black anodized wheels
  • MPI Steering Wheel
  • IPK Seat
  • M6 body
  • Aero super-soft rear axle
  • Extreme short rear hubs
  • Right-rear cross weight adjuster
  • Front torsion bars
  • 5-quart plastic fuel tank
  • Adjustable front pedals
  • Steering toe lock
  • JakeDesigns.co.uk decals

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All New MGM chassis built custom to driver's build.

lo206 kart racing chassis
2018 MGM Espionage

For over a decade we have worked to build new chassis, test new designs, try different tubing and utilize a wide range of setups to learn what our chassis like best.  In 2016, after years of building and winning with our EXELON (sprint) and Slick 50 (road race) karts, we took our vast notebook and combined it with the latest technology in chromoly tubing straight from our NASCAR team friends in Charlotte to debut our new "ESPIONAGE."

The first Espionage was finished in spring 2016 and hit the track for testing shortly after. While fast and competitive, it still wasn't exactly what we were looking for.  We weren't going to sell a chassis we didn't 100 percent believe in!

So we scrapped it, looked at what we liked and what we didn't, and went back to the drawing board to design and build another ESPIONAGE. When summer rolled around, MGM was ready with another new Espionage bullet.  Following testing and club racing at GoPro Motorplex and Carolina Motorsports Park, we knew we had what we were looking for... the 2017 Espionage was debuted!

Now, we are full force with the 2018 Espionage... the best we've got.  LO206 Senior class club wins at GoPro and CMP were what we were looking for.  We closed the season in November with Cade Frazier - on a brand-new Espionage - scoring an LO206 Junior WKA Gold Cup Grand National win at CMP.

The 2018 Espionage is what you've been waiting for. Calling all LO206 Sprint racers (CIK and traditional 4-cycle setups)... you won't be disappointed! Contact us today for pricing and availability.

2018 Espionage