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2022 MGM Mirage

Latest sprint technology in a road racer


MGM has a history of success in road racing with its Slick 50 chassis winning multiple national championships, but in recent years has focused it development on the sprint side with the wildly successful Espionage.

After the 2021 Animal Nationals, it was apparent that there was still an appetite for an MGM road racing chassis.

As much as we liked the Slick 50, we new we could improve on it. We went to the drawing board, taking aspects that made the Slick 50 successful as well as incorporating the technology that makes the Espionage successful on the sprint track. From this, the MGM Mirage was born.

The Mirage made its debut with an impressive outing in December of 2021 at Daytona Kart Week.

We have partnered with multi-time road racing champion, Zach Linsell, and his Linsell Speed Shop to be the exclusive distributor for the Mirage. For more information on pricing, lead time, and support on the MGM Mirage, visit

Find out more about the Mirage and how to buy through Linsell Speed Shop, the exclusive distributor for the MGM Mirage.