2018 MGM Espionage

3 days ago

MGM Chassis

Practice Day!🏁 ... See MoreSee Less

Practice Day!🏁


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I wish I was there

We talking bout practice.

1 week ago

MGM Chassis

Congratulations on your feature Alexander Searle!HUGE weekend for the #mpifamily ! 🔥🏆🙌🏼

Congrats for the wins!!

Ryan Blaney ➡️MPI-MP-15-O
Chase Briscoe ➡️MPI-MP-15-OE
Hailie Deegan ➡️MPI-MP-15-OE
CE Falk ➡️MPI-LM-15
Kyle Stricker ➡️MPI-DM-15
KT Motorsports, ➡️MPI-D-15
Justin Grant ➡️MPI-D-15
Nikko Reger ➡️MPI-F-13-A
Carson Ferguson ➡️MPI-DMR-17
Daniel Wilk ➡️MPI-BL-14-A
Ashton Whitener� ➡️MPI-BL-14-A
Alexander Searle ➡️MPI-KP-13

#ispympi #mpidifference
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1 week ago

MGM Chassis

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That my new one?

No front removal bar?

And so it begins! The legend, the myth....MGM Chassis building another winner! 🤩

Can you put those stub on "sideways" so the bolt / pin hole goes front to rear? That way we can use quick links and they won't fall out... 🙂

2 weeks ago

MGM Chassis

We would like to Congratulate Mike Welsh on his Win in the Masters 206 Class, and Alexander Searle on his win in the Junior 206 Class this past weekend at the Cup Karts Grand Nationals at New Castle Motorsports Park! Awesome Job!! Thanks for Rocking Kart City Power!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Paul and April for the support!! Team Effort!!

2 weeks ago

MGM Chassis

Going live to talk CKNA Grand Nationals II, GoPro Motorplex racing and more with MGM’s Paul Rice and April Rice! ... See MoreSee Less


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TRIVIA TO WIN AN MGM HAT: What track did MGM Chassis win their first national feature?

And which driver and year for an extra award with the hat!

Thanks everyone. Please share!

Engines by Kart City Performance. Rob Smith

Follow @mgmchassis on Instagram!!

Snap Your Neck Clutches. Chris Cirillo

Ugh 😑

Post questions if you have them for Paul or April!!

What's a good dirt chassis

I love the flag man he does the best job I ever seen a flag man do he Is in the history books with the old chew

Thank you Paul and April for all of your help and support this year! #trusttheprocess

Thanks for an Awesome weekend! We will get to the top soon!

You guys are the best! Sam says thank you for all you do!!!

driving my new MGM in Jacksonville in Nov. will make me a winner regardless

Thank you guys for an awesome kart this weekend!!

Congrats on your success this weekend. Looking forward to testing soon

Thank you Paul! We love racing with you guys. Looking forward to Jacksonville in November. Congratulations to Alexander and all of the MGM guys and gals.

Karting dads podcast checking in!! Thanks for following our show Paul Rice!

got the volume worked out now work on the focus

Hello from Eau Claire WI!!

Greetings from Holland

I can jump.

Paul do you dream?

See ya soon buddy

Appreciate ya'll

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