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5 hours ago

MGM Chassis

206 Senior final at GoPro Motorplex #KartingChallenge Round 3.

MGM racers Alexander Searle #5, Parker Maull #121, Ian Habiuk #16, Brian Collins #33, Jessie Samples #8.
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Great job Alexander and Parker 👍🏼

Excellent showing for MGM! Congratulations to Parker and Alexander, two young guns looking to move up in the ranks of drivers who got their start in kart racing,

Go Pro Motorplex in Moorseville, NC

Mooresville, NC

Where is this?

Get it!

Hi Eric

6 hours ago

MGM Chassis

After winning the pre-final, we’re getting Alexander Searle’s MGM Espionage ready for today’s 206 Senior final. It’s going to be a wet one! 🌧💦💦 ... See MoreSee Less

After winning the pre-final, we’re getting Alexander Searle’s MGM Espionage ready for today’s 206 Senior final. It’s going to be a wet one! 🌧💦💦

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It looks cold & wet and you guys are working up a sweat!

Good run guys !

2 days ago

MGM Chassis

😎Got the new numbers on the new kart, she’s ready for action tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less


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Looks great. MGM to the Front. Good Luck.

4 days ago

MGM Chassis

Sorry folks no show tonight
Boss lady still. Not feeling well.
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Oh noooo!!! 😱 Get well April. 🙏🏼

Get well. See ya soon.

Get well Aprill

Feel betr very soon April...miss ya Ol buddy!

Get well soon!

That’s just great got off early from work, iced down some brews, picked up 3 dozen wings..... Jeez Feel better April!

Just as well, shes the only reason i watch.lol get well soon April

Get well April we miss you already

Hope all is well

Hope April Wilson Rice gets to feeling better.

Prayers for your wife !

Feel better soon april!!!

Sorry to hear.

Hope you feel better soon April!!

Get well soon April !

Yep...I agree, don’t try it without her! 😂😂😂 Hope she gets to feeling better soon!!!

Feel better April Wilson Rice.

Get well soon April ❤️❤️

Hang in there April!

Get well April

I will bring her “medicine” down on Thursday 😬

Get well April

Sorry to hear.

Hope she gets to feeling better

Get well!!!

5 days ago

MGM Chassis

❤️💙Ready for 2019! Danny Corcoran and Carbon Digital LLC nailed the design! Even got in a bit of the Verstappen look with the numbers this season.

Coming off a successful 2018, you would think it would be status quo in the #KartKave. The team never rests and we have some big changes in store.

The first big change we can announce for the Cup Karts North America program, though not really a big secret, is the move to MGM Chassis. Paul Rice and April Wilson Rice were there during 2018 when we had questions and Randy felt like it was a family affair, much like our own and wanted to be part of that. Knowing that the chassis is a top tier product, sure didn't hurt.

Secondly, is the switch to NSEW Noah Stark Engine Works for the teams power plants. Noah Stark reached out to Randy and wanted to work with him knowing that he is a good kid that goes out of his way to help others and proved in 2018 that he could run up front on just about anything and much like we felt right with MGM and the family, Noah felt the family fit was what he loved about the deal.

Both MGM and NSEW will be attending the Cup events and this puts RWR is a great position to be the best we can possibly be.

Thank you to everyone for the support. We will do our best to make all of us look good in this run to the 2019 CIK Championship!

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great ~ John D Rockefeller

#Family #MakeItHappen

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Facebook Live MGM SKUSA & Rok Cup Recap

January 22, 2019

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